Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Day at Work

Today was "Take Your Child To Work Day". I don't know if this is done nationally, but I do know that the area where I live does it. This was the second year the Brent came to work with me. He doesn't go to work with Aaron on this day because he is always there helping after school and on the weekends.
I think he had a good time, but I also know that my class is very demanding, difficult, and has "Energy" to spare. I have never had an easy day with my class and that was so evident today, so I can probably say that he did and didn't have a good day. I know he was exhausted when the day ended. He said, "Can we go home now!" My poor boy.

Here he is playing with the salt dough that we made today with the kids. This was definitely the highlight for the whole class including Brent. As soon as we made the dough, there was a mass exodus from all the other learning labs to see what we were doing. Soon all 13 students that were there wanting to play with the dough.

They all had so much fun playing and watching Brent make his creations.

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