Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Life ...

Wow, I can't believe how long it's been since I've last posted. I could explain, but I don't think my blog could take that much. Let's just say that life has been crazy, with me as it's leading character.

One great thing that happened since I last posted, is that I've been able to reconnect with some amazing cousins and continue to build an amazing relationship with my cousin Wayne. I struggle with relationships and to be able to open my heart to these amazing people has been such a blessing to me.

I mentioned that I have been able to continue to build an amazing relationship with my cousin Wayne. Wayne ... you are most amazing person and I love that you're always there to give me that needed "bear hug". How can I thank you for just being you? All the words in the world wouldn't be enough, so all I can say is, "I love you Wayne".

Cathy ... what can I say? You are truly a blessing in disguise. Your candidness is addictive, your humor contageous and your heart ... WOW! Your one of the best things that has happened to me in this crazy year, but like I've told you, "Your my kind of crazy!"

My Cyndi Lou Who! You are such a class act and a lover of life. I really enjoyed seeing you. It was way to long. I look forward to many more visits, both here on the east coast and out in Cali. I already miss you!

Daniel and Ginger, what can I say? I think this picture says it all. Daniel, you are one of the funniest people I know and I can always count on a laugh when your around (and a possible wrapped body part!). You're a great listener and have an truly honest spirit, which is rare in this day and age. Thank you for listening and for just being you. I can't wait to come out and see the Big Red Trees! Ginger ... I loved meeting you - finally! You are a breath of fresh air and a joy to be around. I enjoyed our talks and look forward to may more. Brent misses you both, too!

Mark, you are an amazing man and such a good model for what a good husband should be. You protect your family and I love and admire that about you. I also love that you can put Shaun in his place! What a bonus!!!

Wow, what a post! I guess it's time to get off my soap box!!! But like I said when I started this post ... I have had the unique opportunity to reconnect with some amazing cousins and needed to talk about them. I really appreciate the people in my life who make my life better and every person I mentioned is truly a blessing to me! Love you all!

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