Thursday, January 5, 2012

Weight Watchers Yogurt

I love Weight Watchers yogurt.  My favorite is Amaretto Cheesecake ... yum!  Well today I went to one of my local grocery stores to buy some and the store had them marked at $1.05.  Seriously?  Talk about price gouging.  I didn't buy it and left to hit a different store.  At the second store they were $.79, which was a bit better.  I didn't have any more time to go to store number three, so I bought two cups at $.79 each. 

This got me to thinking about how supermarkets can be quite the rip-off if your not careful.  I usually don't shop at either of these two stores unless there's a sale, but today I was in a pinch.  The first store was an Acme, which usually has higher prices that the other two, but if you find some good sales, you can definitely save some money.  The second store was a ShopRite, which is usually better on prices and this week they are having great sales, so I though I would do better.  The store I usually shop at is a Wal-Mart Superstore.  They have great prices, take coupons (which the other two also do) an have good quality products, and there Weight Watchers yogurt is only $.50. 

So what have I learned today?  Know your prices.  My plan is to save money this year and spend less.  In order to do that, this is one area where knowing prices, sales and the best places to shop will.  Also use coupons.  They may take come time to cut out, but the end result of more money in your pocket is worth it.

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