Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the numbers

I've been going to Weight Watchers since August 15, 2011 and have since lost 26.2 pounds.  It has been a very special journey because I've stuck to it.  In the past when I've gone on a diet, I've sabotaged it, but not this time.  Why did I sabotage it, well, stress was the main reason.  When the other parts of my life weren't going so well, I would eat.  Well, not this time.  I've found other outlets to curb the desire to eat when I'm stressed or anxious or mad or ... you get the picture. 

This time around I've stuck to the plan for several reasons.  I like how I feel with the added weight gone. I love the Weight Watchers program!  I was told by my doctor that I needed to go on a strick low-fat and low cholesterol diet.  I don't want to be over-weight like other members of my family ( I just can't do it anymore).  It's something in my life that I have control of and the best reason ... is that my doctor called yesterday and said I don't have to take medication for my cholesterol and triglycerides because my numbers look really good.  Yea!!!

My numbers have been up in the past because, I ate what I wanted to, didn't take care of myself, and some of it was hereditary.  Well, no more.  I love the numbers I was given and am so looking forward to the best number yet.  My goal number.  The number I want to reach with my weight and maintain and that number is ...

I wasn't sure to long ago if I could reach this number, but I now know that it is so do-able.  So look our 157, cause' here I come!

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