Friday, March 16, 2012

irish potatoes

So tonight I made Irish potatoes for the first time.  I always thought they were gross tasting, but the recipe I used omitted coconut, so they're actually very yummy.  So for all my Irish fans out there and for my husband who is part Irish, I give you my Irish potatoes and thank you to my friend Jackie Conahey for sharing this yummy recipe! 

Irish Potatoes:

1/4 cup boiling water
1/4 cup milk
6 Tbs. instant mashed potatoes
2 Tbs softened butter
Few grains of salt
1 tsp. of vanilla
6 cups of confectioner's sugar ( you may need more to stiffen up the dough)
Shredded coconut, if desired

1. Whisk water, milk and instant potatoes together.
2. Whisk in softened butter, salt and vanilla.
3. Gradually work in confectioner's sugar.  Stir until thick. 
4. Kneed in all the sugar until the mixture is no longer sticky.  (This is where you may need some extra sugar)
5. Add coconut if desired.
6. Roll into small balls.  Place in plastic bag with cinnamon and gently shake to coat. 
7. Set on a waxed cookie sheet to firm up some more then store in an air-tight container to assure freshness.


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