Thursday, February 18, 2010

Corny Valentine

With this year maybe being Brent's last year to give Valentine's, I thought I would go out with a bang when it comes to craftiness. I had seen an old-time Valentine with the phrase, "To a Pop - Pop - ular Teacher" and thought of how I could change it for kid Valentine's.

I came up with this ~

It says, "Not to sound 'corny', but Happy Valentine's Day!"

I made them using popcorn boxes that I cut into 4's. The saying was made on my computer and after printing them out, I mounted them on red construction paper. Then I attached the saying card to the popcorn box with some white curing ribbon. To finish off the project I used packing tape to attach a mini bag of popcorn to the back.

I really love how they turned out and Brent can't wait to give them out tomorrow. Why tomorrow? Well, with the snow days that we had, his Valentine's party was postponed.

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