Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Here a Crack, There a Crack ...

Have you ever had a doctor's appointment that you actually looked forward to? Yes, no, not sure? Well I have to say that I truly look forward to my chiropractic visits. I just recently started going and can't wait for each visit. It's probably because my back is in such disarray. My upper back and neck area are all tight and misaligned, which the doctor can crack. Don't you just love that sound? My lower back however has a degenerative disk that we are trying to save with stretching movements. All in all I feel pretty good when I leave, it's that next day that I don't look forward to. So needless to say, my new best friends are ICE and ADVIL! But seriously, if you ever need a good chiropractor check out Dr. Ron James ... he's amazing! Crack!

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