Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sewing 101

I've been using my sewing machine a lot lately and Brent wanted to give it a try. I had let him try it out over the summer on some scrap fabric and he had fun trying all the different stitches, so when he asked to use it again after seeing me alter a black skirt, I figured why not!

So tonight while Aaron was at a meeting we went to Jo Ann Fabrics and purchased some fleece to make frilly scarves. Brent picked out different combinations of fabric colors like - light and dark pink, orange and brown, and a fuchsia pink and yellow! I know, I can't wait to see what that one will looks like. He asked if we could make some tonight when we got home and I of course said yes!

When we got home I cut and pinned the fabric pieces together. We used three pieces of fabric with two of them being the same color.

Once I finished pinning, I gave Brent a quick lesson on sewing and off he went. He was very careful to sew slowly and to keep his fabric in line with the guide I tapes down for him. He sewed two scarves tonight and plans to sew the other four tomorrow night. I'm such a proud momma!

Once he finished sewing I cut the fabric to make the frills. Here's Brent sporting his completed creation. I think they turned out real cute.

You have to love a man who can wear PINK!


  1. Cute project! So nice that Brent is interested. Sewing is a great thing for him to learn! So do you sew just once up the middle of the three layers, or is there more to it?