Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 ~ A Year in Pictures

These 16 images tell just a small part of the life and
times of One Sassy Momma.

1.  B’s first ambulance ride
2.  Beaker “the new dog”  
3.  “B” turns 11 
4.  My cousin Daniel came to town for our Cousin Johnny’s memorial service
5.  “B” reconnects with his cousin Garrett
6.  Road trip with “B” to South Carolina for Garrett’s Marine Corp Boot Camp Graduation
7.  My nephew the Marine
8.  Reconnected with my amazing cousin Cathy
9.  Went to my first Phillies game in the new stadium and it was AWESOME
10.  “B’s” first day of 6th grade
11.  My first tattoo ~ Patience Fortitude
12.  My parents on their wedding day ~ 50 years ago
13.  My Cali Cousins came in for my parents 50th Anniversary
14.  Loving the time spent with my cousin Cyndi

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