Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A year ago ...

     Today was hard for me.  I know that Christmas is just a few days away and for the most part I have been in great spirits about all the upcoming holiday preparations and celebrations that I will be having with family and friend, but today was hard.  The main reason was that a year ago "today" our house was robbed for the second time in less than three months and a lot of things were taken including the feeling of being safe in our own home.  So forgive me for not posting anything jolly.  It was hard enough getting through the day without thinking; "Is my house safe?"  "Did I lock the doors?"  "Did I hide all the gifts so they're not taken if the house is robbed again?" 

     Well, the day is almost over and I survived.  The neighbor parked his truck in our yard and I went a little crazy and pushed our iron picnic table against the back door.  A few precautions and a lot of hugs from my great teaching assistant Mia helped me through the day. 

     I now am looking forward to finishing up a few last minute gift preparations and having a great Christmas with Aaron and "B".  See you tomorrow!


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